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UK Consumer Duty: is this a win-win for financial services firms and customers?
Imagine being able to understand what frustrates your customers and fixing these for the next customers. That would not only deliver your Consumer Duty evidence but also, most importantly, solve your customer friction points, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction, retention, and brand advocacy.  
Concentrix + Webhelp lift 4 top awards at the 2023 UKCCF Awards!
Modernizing customer experience isn’t just about delighting customers — it’s about using journeys to speed up capital and reduce the cost of claims and support.
eBook: Reengineering insurance customer experience for profit and liquidity
Modernizing customer experience isn’t just about delighting customers — it’s about using journeys to speed up capital and reduce the cost of claims and support.
Mastering multilingual Customer Experience during global expansion: zero to fluent in 4 steps 
Delivering seamless, multilingual experiences is pretty challenging, especially when focusing on growth. Apply the right strategy so you can ensure your CX resonates wherever you choose to expand.
New economy organizations: 5 tips for adopting generative AI while scaling your customer experience
Generative AI presents a huge opportunity to narrow—and even prevent—the customer journey execution gap, addressing your customers' immediate needs and demands while providing the satisfying experiences they have come to expect
The rise of insurance outsourcing: Why it matters
Legacy insurers, new economy companies, and other brands entering the insurance market need the deep expertise, efficiency, and scalability insurance outsourcers offer.
Insurance customer experience is changing: Here’s what you should know 
The ideal convenient, connected customer experience in insurance is getting harder to deliver — but it’s also an opportunity to reduce ops & claims costs.
4 Customer Experience risks (and best practices) when expanding to new markets 
When brands expand into new markets, inconsistent CX quality is often inevitable. Find out the best practices
Scaling Customer Support: Blending People and Tech for Digital Growth
Embracing a CX approach based on appreciation and respect for your global customers can lead to sustained growth in an ever-diversifying market.
eBook: Insurance’s big shift from digital transformation to rapid agility
After years of disappointments, insurers are thinking about digital transformation differently. They’re finding new paths that are faster, more cost effective & more agile.
Optimize customer experience relying on a sustainable content moderation team
This eBook will explore the different benefits of convenience (digital and self-service automation tools) and conversation (human interaction) and how each can generate considerable value when applied correctly

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