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Hanae Chino discusses Impact Sourcing on GSA Sourcing TV
Webhelp is incredibly proud to win the Social Programme of the Year at the 2022 Global Sourcing Association Awards for our impact sourcing program.
eBook: Trust, safety & content moderation: The coming storm
Enterprises have lost control of the B2B sales cycle
eBook: Content moderation & CX in the age of the metaverse
Enterprises have lost control of the B2B sales cycle
The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales
When you convert a prospect company from lead to customer, they can become one of your most profitable, meaningful and long-lasting customer relationships, and a huge vehicle for growth.
Guide to the B2B Sales Funnel
A B2B sales funnel tracks how potential customers actually buy from you – formalising the path from prospects, to qualified leads, to interested buyers, to converted customers.
Build a B2B Sales Pipeline
Do you want a smooth and profitable sales process that keeps on delivering customers? You need to build a fully functioning sales pipeline.
The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise B2B Sales
For whatever reason, sales teams love fishing analogies. Most B2B sales teams subsist on a regular catch of small to medium sized prospects. Some hunt whales – prospects many times larger than their own organisation. And then there are the B2B enterprise sales – teams that stake everything on global companies the size of supertankers.
Building an effective lead gen machine
Lead gen for B2B sales is the process of turning identified prospects into genuine leads with a credible and timely interest in your product or service. If your B2B lead generation process is effective, it is your key to successfully identify, qualify and prioritize the most suitable candidates to nurture down the B2B sales pipeline.
B2B Sales Enablement: Your Guide to a Winning Strategy
It doesn’t matter how great your product, messaging, marketing plan or sales strategy is – going to market without a robust B2B sales enablement plan is setting yourself up for failure before you’ve even started.
The accelerating transformation in B2B sales eBook
Enterprises have lost control of the B2B sales cycle
Webhelp joins GBS World Marketplace as a Certified Service Provider
We’re delighted to announce that Webhelp is now a Certified Service Provider on the World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services.
Customer service and the water industry - maintaining a positive trend
The year ahead will be incredibly challenging with major societal issues around cost of living, recruiting and retaining staff all becoming more prevalent. 
Webhelp honoured at the 2022 UK National Contact Centre Awards
Webhelps training and development programmes have been recognized at this year’s UK National Contact Centre Awards.
Webhelp wins top accolade at the 2022 Global Sourcing Association UK Awards
Webhelp has been recognized for their pioneering approach in Impact Sourcing at this year’s Global Sourcing Association (GSA) UK Awards.