Elevating the immersive gaming experience

The competition to attract virtual gamers is fierce. Nurturing and safeguarding online communities is key to increase player engagement and retention.



The platform faced the dual challenge of protecting users while maintaining its brand and partnerships with renowned fashion and entertainment giants such as Warner Music Group, Gucci Vault, Adidas, Atari, and Snoop Dogg.

Safeguarding their reputation is crucial, as harmful content or inappropriate behavior from avatars could jeopardize collaborations and tarnish player experience. Within a virtual world full of limitless real-time interactions between people in various local cultures, rules, and laws, balancing freedom of speech with respect between players is essential.

Our client sought a global partner with expertise in international content moderation to create a safe and inclusive environment that attracts users and creators while protecting their well-being.


Our game-changing approach

We offered a solution for our client’s content moderation needs, providing comprehensive support and engagement to foster a thriving community of users and virtual world creators.

Ambassador Community

The online gaming platform established a community of ambassadors with dual functions. First, to assist visitors in navigating the diverse worlds and experiences offered on the platform, and second, to ensure a robust level of moderation and security. These ambassadors played a vital role in guiding users, enhancing their engagement, and maintaining a safe environment.
Teir guidance and vigilance contributed to the positive experience of the community by helping to reduce potential risks and disruptive behavior.

Social Media Activity

To boost excitement within the community, we focused on our client’s social media channels, particularly its presence on X (Twitter). We fostered active participation through a range of captivating, media-rich content and interactive games with enticing prizes.

By leveraging the power of social media, we created an exciting environment and encouraged ongoing community interaction with our client’s offerings.

B2B Partner Growth

We implemented a comprehensive long-term relationship strategy centered around special events to foster B2B partnerships. These carefully planned occasions served as opportunities to nurture and expand partnerships with other businesses.

By curating unique events tailored to the specific needs and goals of each partner, we cultivated lasting connections, drove collaboration, and unlocked mutually beneficial growth opportunities for the company and its partners.

We also work with our Webhelp ambassador team to extend our outreach and provide global support. This is how our ambassadors mingle with our players and relate directly with them, giving us insights into how they think and play, as well as providing us with early warnings about potential friction points that we should address.

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