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ChatGPT has made generative AI famous. But there’s much more to it. At Webhelp, we’re using these technologies to revolutionize customer experience, operational excellence, and business intelligence.

The Webhelp Approach to Generative AI

Our approach is constantly evolving, always at the forefront of the latest innovations in enterprise-ready technology. Leveraging generative AI to power your customer relationships is yet another example of this thinking.

Unlike readily available ‘off-the-shelf’ generative AI applications which use public data, such as ChatGPT and Bard, we harness your proprietary data to develop tailored applications powered by Generative AI.

By applying your brand guidelines and operational standards, we deliver solutions with your DNA at the heart, perfectly representing your brand to customers and supercharging your CX operations and business processes.

Our Generative AI Applications

Generative AI is transforming content creation, chatbots, and language translation using deep learning algorithms.

Leading examples of generative AI are ChatGPT and DALL-E, powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) – AI systems that use deep learning algorithms to create human-like interactions.

LLMs are employed in natural language processing applications such as chatbots, language translation, content creation, and sentiment analysis. OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s PaLM2, to name just two, are leading LLMs, generating advanced language due to being trained on an unparalleled scale of data.

We combine partnerships and certifications with the leading application vendors in this market with our custom-built enterprise-grade environment. This means you benefit from the full power of generative AI but your data won’t be used to train the underlying public LLM. It remains in a secure, ringfenced, compliant environment.

Our current suite of custom applications includes:

Interaction analysis

We have augmented our existing call and contact interaction summarization tools with generative AI, enabling even faster analysis of large volumes of unstructured customer interaction data, captured across channels. We link this directly to your CRM, ensuring your operations and customer care teams have the data they need for training, monitoring, and continuous improvement.

Business automation

You’re probably using chatbots or conversational AI for customer service. We’ve built on this with generative AI. Using machine learning and intelligent automation to generate responses to written queries in any language, delighting your customers and employees while increasing the efficiency and profitability of your customer experience operations.

Prompt Engineering

Prompt Engineering is used in natural language processing to design and refine commands and outputs. It’s key to unlocking the power of generative AI and LLMs - and is often the difference between success and failure in the adoption of tools like chatbots. That’s why our experience design and technology teams work tirelessly on this, ensuring you derive the most value from these tools.

Voice of customer

By leveraging the power of Generative AI and LLMs we have further enhanced our Voice-of-Customer application suite to provide the fuel for your customer change and transformation programs. By combining this with our data and expertise in global CX across thousands of brands and use-cases, we have developed what we believe is the best route to actionable customer insights in today’s market.

Knowledge Bots

Leveraging generative AI capabilities by using your content to understand and respond to the question in the context of your business and services. Combined with your existing chatbot, this will dramatically reduce the effort to train the AI and improve response time, machine learning quality, and human-like interactions.

Quality Assessment

In addition to simply analysing your customer data, this app enables the scoring of the data against your QA framework and process. With the right prompt engineering, this gives you accurate, objective quality data – at scale, and at pace. This means more time to focus teams on value-added activities such as coaching or managing escalations.

Webhelp continues to outperform the industry through its next-generation solutions portfolio, powered by gold-standard CX advisory, advanced analytics, AI, automation, and omnichannel technology. By expertly combining this with their dedicated and skilled workforce, they continue to provide exceptional customer experience.

Everest Customer Experience Management (CXM) in EMEA – Service provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix Assessment 2022

We have achieved partnership status with industry-leading technology vendors

Through a combination of innovative proprietary technology, a leading partner ecosystem, and a curated selection of emerging providers, we generate integrated solutions at pace and scale that surpass customer expectations.

This relentless commitment to innovation and technology excellence builds sustainable competitive advantage for our clients, and frictionless journeys for their customers.

The company’s security and data privacy efforts regarding implementation of tools and processes to protect customer data are strong compared to other CS BPO leaders.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Service BPO, 2022


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