What are the major shifts in customer expectations, today and tomorrow? How have digital native business reshaped the rules of the game? Will AI ever be able to replace emotional intelligence? And how can you drive brand advocacy and loyalty in a constantly changing world?

In our CX21 series, some of the brightest minds explore the major trends, opportunities, and challenges in the world of CX in the 21st century, focusing on how brands can thrive in this dynamic context.

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The pace of change

The pace of change in the 21st century is higher than ever before. Will it continue to accelerate and in which direction? Explore the drivers behind the rapidly evolving customer expectations and the impact on customer journeys

Speakers :

Olivier Duha – Webhelp
Mark Hillary – Carnaby Content
Michael DeSalles – Frost & Sullivan
Peter Ryan – Ryan Strategic Advisory
James Anderson – Bain & Company

The new customer expectation in the KnowMad society

“You are offline”, three of the scariest words today. Our world is shaped by 24/7 access to information and connectivity. How does this influence the way we live, work, and consume products and services? Let’s look at the impact these technological and societal developments have on customer expectations, making the wow of today the standard of tomorrow.

Leaders of today, unicorns of tomorrow

It’s like magic! We live in the age of the unicorns. How have these ‘new’ players reshaped the rules of the game with their CX-centric approaches? Delve into the new paradigm created by the leaders of today and the unicorns of tomorrow.

Purposeful human experiences

What is humanity? In all its positive shapes, it has become key in business success. In an era where consciousness and a cry for change are higher than before, investing in positive impact isn’t a nice to have anymore. So how can brand address the higher standards set by their customers, and drive change for the better?

The Happiness Equation

Happy teams make happy customers, but why is that? Explore the relationship between employee and customer experience, and the key focus areas to make a real impact for your people, customers, and brand.

AI and Analytics, fuel for the future

The robots are coming! But is that a bad thing? We unpick the best of AI and analytics to create unforgettable, human experiences, and explore how people and technology in brilliant harmony can lift CX to the next level, today, and a hundred years from now.