Is it difficult and expensive to find a flat in the city?

We will support you in this process and advise you on what areas are best suited for your needs and expectations. Do keep in mind that within the past couple of years Lisbon has been challenging Barcelona for the top spot in terms of lifestyle and quality of life. This has made the Portuguese capital extremely popular with expats from all walks of life.
Renting a 1-bedroom apartment or a large studio in the city centre can set you back 700-900 euros/month. If you prefer living in the picturesque city centre, we recommend you share a flat – it’s roughly 350-500 euros/month.
Lisbon, however, is a city with lovely neighbourhoods spread across a small geographical area. So, it’s convenient to rent a nice flat outside the centre and even within the metropolitan area. You’ll pay only 250-450 euros/month for a room and you’ll get to the office in less than 30 minutes.
Here’s a great tip: many colleagues use their workmate network to find a room in a shared flat. It’s the simplest and easiest way!