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Bucharest has been known as ‘Little Paris’. But you might as well call it ‘Bigger Paris’ – at least in terms of space. The stunning architecture resembling the French capital is still here in full glory. But you can also enjoy more space for everything – housing, personal projects, innovation, career growth, you name it.

Bucharest is a city that fascinates through its variety of entertainment options. At the intersection of Western and Eastern cultures, you’ll live a mix of nightlife and recreation activities like in no other capital of Europe.

And we have a culture for every season. Outdoor fairs and ‘Little March’ to celebrate the arrival of spring. Nightclubs, pool parties, street festivals, concerts and barbecues in summertime. Traditional harvest festivals and Bucharest-style Oktoberfest in autumn. Charming Christmas markets and ski getaways in wintertime.

The city holds impressive palaces, museums and monuments for you to marvel at. But you’ll spend most of your time exploring the large parks, partying until the wee hours and socializing with your friends over a drink and a life story.

Working in Bucharest

As a fast-growing city, Bucharest has become one of the largest tech hubs of Europe. With highly qualified professionals who speak several languages, foreign companies and local start-ups are thriving in the Romanian capital. Natives and expats alike find jobs in banking, retail, outsourcing services and IT. That is why companies like Webhelp can attract and nurture young talent.
You’ll work in a dynamic place alongside colleagues who are creative, challenge the status quo and think out of the box because we embrace innovation.

Opportunities for you in Bucharest

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