​ Putting People First


“Making business more human” means we take care of our people and actively commit to building a more diverse company in all its aspects, including supporting our communities and placing emphasis on the success of our Webhelpers from all backgrounds.

Highlighted initiatives:

  • Impact Sourcing – Recruiting, training & developing differently
  • Read more about our Impact Sourcing initiative with Harambee in South Africa in this article “Changing Lives in South Africa: Advisors in their own words”
  • Raising awareness on Diversity and Inclusion with specific actions on cultural, gender, generational and ability diversity
  • Rethinking our Ways of Working to embed diversity
  • Caring for our people by supporting the physical and mental well-being of all our Webhelpers through our global WebHEALTH program


“Making business more human” means we take care of the world we live in, as mutual respect between our planet and the humans that enjoy living on it every day. We take care by changing the way we go to work, the way we power our premises and the way we consume resources in our offices, between others.

We believe that economic growth and environmental sustainability go together. We want to lead by example through designing an operating and facilities model with high sustainability standards.

Highlighted initiatives:

In each of the Webhelp countries, Teams are already in place to reduce our carbon footprint through initiatives that include:

  • Purchasing & consuming responsibly
  • Reusing, recycling & limiting waste
  • Commuting in a smarter way

​​ Playing our part with GREENHELP

Webhelpers - Farhad green

​​Making business the right way


“Making business more human” means we respect and believe in human integrity by committing to high ethical standards vis-à-vis ourselves and others, through our Code of Conduct, respect of data protection rules and expectations we have towards our clients and suppliers consistently. Integrity has been at the heart of our values since the beginning of Webhelp.

Highlighted initiatives:

  • Doing ethical business​​, with controls & governance through IT tools, policies & data protection
  • Developing Sustainable Partnerships with clients and suppliers following the same rules of conduct that we apply at Webhelp.
  • Supporting startup companies in building their sustainability approach, through our dedicated cell « The Nest by Webhelp »

Code of conduct

Think HumanFoundation

Created in 2020, Think Human Foundation is dedicated to education & integration initiatives that embrace inclusion in the ~40 countries where the Webhelp Group operates.

The three key areas where we will focus our local associations support are:

  • Creating equal opportunity for access to education
  • Fighting social barriers through professional integration
  • Transmitting digital skills

The foundation will receive a yearly endowment fund  from the Group Shareholders, the Webhelp co-Founders and all our Webhelpers will have the opportunity to contribute to the Foundation too. In addition to these, we will also offer our clients the possibility to support via a system of rounding off invoices.

Think Human ESG

​​​  Education & Integration

We are fully accredited

Our globally recognised accreditations mean your business, and your customers, are in safe hands.

We are fully accredited

Our globally recognised accreditations mean your business, and your customers, are in safe hands.