Webhelp celebrated the dedication and commitment of its colleagues at the company’s annual Star Awards on January 27th. Prizes were awarded to employees who have made a big difference for Webhelp. The management issued 13 awards.

Erwin Mekking, HR and Services Director: ”The Star Awards are an excellent opportunity to reflect on what is important every day, recognition for our employees. They are the ones who talk to the customers every day with so much energy and enthusiasm. With the Star Awards we would like to acknowledge the effort of all the employees. Together we have made some great achievements last year. It was a fantastic night, truly everyone was a star.”

The WebHELDEN 2016 are Richard Hak, Desiré de Rooij, Nathalie Buurma, Sabrina Schlingmann and Gea Oostergo. The winners in this category breathe the values of Webhelp and are an example for all their colleagues.

The winners in the category People Manager of the Year are Michael Noordwijk, Mark Wiering and Karima Benbouker. These winners are appreciated for their dedication, cooperation, collaboration and recognition of their employees.

In the category WOW! won: Gidn Hendriksen, Lieke Stuurop, Rasmus Geertsema and Judah Teunissen. They have shown that they go for the ‘extra mile’. They have managed to improve the process and results with innovate ideas.

Gidn Hendriksen, Client Advisor: ”It is wonderful that Webhelp organizes the Star Awards. It ensures you, whether you win or not, that you are appreciated and recognized.”

Webhelp Star Awards 2017