Leading global business process and customer experience outsourcer Webhelp, has announced a new partnership with Recast.AI that will allow the customer experience outsourcer to develop its ChatBot and artificial intelligence capabilities.


The partnership will bring together two leaders in their respective fields to ensure the power of artificial intelligence is harnessed and exploited to drive forward the customer experience industry.


The partnership between Webhelp and Recast.AI will make customisable ChatBots and AI powered customer experience solutions more widely accessible. This will enable Webhelp’s clients to easily implement highly personalised ChatBots, software that simulates human-like conversations through either voice or text based interactions. ChatBots can be deployed into multiple channels such as Messenger, SMS, In-App, Skype, Slack to improve convenience and customer experience.


Webhelp’s existing ChatBot offering will be accelerated as a result of this partnership.


Dave Pattman, global director of R&D at Webhelp, said: “Webhelp’s position as a technology enabler is incredibly important to us. The time and resources we are investing in the development of new technologies, such as chatbots, as well as establishing relationships with best-in-breed technology startups is what sets us apart from other customer experience and business process outsourcers.”


“We have been very impressed by the product Recast.AI has created, which they demonstrated when they won our ‘March of the Bots’ challenge at Viva Technology in the summer. We are excited about the prospect of working with them to disrupt customer experience expectations with the expert application of artificial intelligence technologies.”


Patrick Joubert, co-founder and CEO of Recast.AI, said: “Webhelp is a leading global customer experience outsourcing business and has a huge experience as well as a fantastic reputation in this sector. We are delighted to work alongside Webhelp and add our expertise in artificial intelligence to expand their already impressive offer to conversational interfaces. I am confident that joining the relevant expertise and resources of both companies will lead to the development of new initiatives that will drive forward the potential of ChatBots and artificial intelligence in customer experience.”









Press information:

Heather Astbury, head of PR at Webhelp, on +44(0)7825 593242, heather.astbury@uk.webhelp.com


Justine Baron, Press relations, on +33 6 77 68 43 26, justine.baron@recast.ai