Webhelp Lauréats des Mercure HEC des entrepreneurs 2012

En partenariat avec la Caisse d'Epargne, l'association des anciens élèves d'HEC a remis les 14e Mercure HEC des entrepreneurs. Ces trophées récompensent chaque année des entrepreneurs portant les « valeurs entrepreneuriales de la marque HEC

Le Mercure d’honneur est ainsi revenu à Frédéric Jousset, le président et cofondateur de Webhelp. L'opérateur international de centres d’appel créé en 2000 fort d’un chiffre d’affaires de plus de 200 millions d’euros et employant plus de 10 000 personnes à travers le monde, a déjà été récompensée par un prix Deloitte Fast 50 et a été classée dans le Top 10 des entreprises où il fait bon travailler du Palmarès Great Place to Work France.

HEROtsc signs up Vodafone executive

Jonathan Dryland joins our executive team as Director of Planning, Performance and Change for Vodafone.






No stranger to the mobile phone sector, Jonathan previously spent eight years working for Vodafone UK in its Retail Operations teams, running major change programmes, including the introduction of Concept Stores.

He also led a transition for the company’s retail units from sales-only to full sales and service function.

"Jonathan’s breadth of knowledge with the company provides us with genuine insight, which we can use to shape and tailor an even stronger customer service experience." - David Turner, Chief Executive Officer 

Jonathan said: “Both HEROtsc and Vodafone UK have a shared value of putting customer experience at the heart of everything they do. Working in the retail arm of the business allowed me to develop an understanding of the Vodafone customer and I’m hoping to put that knowledge to use by creating even more focussed, customer-led approaches at HEROtsc.”

HEROtsc CEO David Turner commented: “Jonathan’s appointment further strengthens our Vodafone UK account. We have hundreds of team members across the country providing the highest levels of customer service on behalf of Vodafone UK. Jonathan’s breadth of knowledge with the company provides us with genuine insight, which we can use to shape and tailor an even stronger customer service experience.”

To find out more, read the story on CallCentreClinic.com

Webhelp Télésecrétariat proposé par Office DEPOT à ses clients

Office DEPOT propose désormais à ses clients de profiter des services de permanence téléphonique et de prise de rendez vous de Webhelp Télésecrétariat. Cette offre est présentée dans les magasins comme sur le site internet d'Office DEPOT.

Webhelp, Ruban d’Honneur des European Business Awards

Webhelp s'est vu décerner le Ruban d'Honneur du concours European Business a Awards 2012/2013. Webhelp a ainsi été reconnu comme l'un des TOP 100 business en Europe.

CEO David Turner reports HEROtsc operating profit up 117% in 2012

HEROtsc is well placed for further growth and expansion in 2013, despite operating in a harsh economic environment.  



The business saw a surge in profit and a healthy rise in turnover in the year to March 2012. Turnover moved from just over £63million in 2011 to just under £82million in 2012 and operating profit increased from £4.1m to £8.9m.

"We have performed strongly in difficult times, demonstrating year-on-year growth.” – David Turner, Chief Executive Officer. 

The strong results were largely driven by the development of new accounts and solid growth within our existing client base. Alongside this, the business improved efficiency through economies of scale, which enhanced the underlying profit margins.

  • 30% increase in turnover to £82m from £63m

  • 117% operating profit increase from £4.1m to £8.9m

  • Employs 6000 team members across nine contact centres – a 33% increase in employee numbers in 12 months

Product innovation has been a key focus for HEROtsc, which will provide the business with cutting edge solutions to drive continued growth. A key product launched in 2012 is our Smart Solution offer, which has been warmly received by our client base.

"With £11.2m in capital investment having been spent or planned across 2012 and 2013, the platform for further growth is strong." – David Turner, Chief Executive Officer. 

To meet increasing client demand, we opened a 1200-strong centre in Derby on behalf of Sky in February and an additional site in Glasgow in April.

David Turner commented: "We have performed strongly in difficult times, demonstrating year-on-year growth. Over the past 12 months we’ve made significant improvements to the business, both in terms of how we’re structured and the quality of product we’re delivering. For example, we’ve developed a Smart Solutions product offer to customers, which is providing us with the cutting edge to provide better results for our clients and differentiate us from  our competitors. This innovation in our business has continued post March 2012 and will have a long-term positive impact on our business.

"The full benefits of the two sites we opened earlier this year, in Derby and Glasgow, are still to be reflected in the company's performance. With £11.2m in capital investment having been spent or planned across 2012 and 2013, the platform for further growth is strong. 

“It is particularly pleasing to see the strong results reflected in job creation. We have seen a phenomenal increase in the number of team members we employ. Just four years ago we totalled 1800 staff, today this is now 6000. Importantly, the quality and professionalism of the teams we have is of the highest standard and our customer experience centers are performing outstandingly. Our clients can continue to look forward to that level of service and delivery as we head into 2013."

En 2013, Webhelp devient partenaire du Club des Décideurs de la Relation Client

Webhelp s'associe au Club des Décideurs de la Relation Client voué à promouvoir les bonnes pratiques destinées à garantir et améliorer la qualité de la relation client.