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Protect dealers and buyers on secondhand car platforms

Secondhand car platforms are using digitalization to make their platforms more attractive for online

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Webhelp: Setting the agenda for BPO CX in Africa

Africa is a continent of near-limitless opportunity for a range of customer experience outsourcing services. Find

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Webhelp joins forces with Blossom to support female empowerment in South Africa

Webhelp and Co-op have joined forces with Blossom Care Solutions to fight period poverty, in a practical, holistic

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Voice of the Customer – Retail’s secret weapon

With huge advances in the tools and methods available to analyse unstructured customer data, Vanessa Flather takes

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Disruption can and will happen: the importance of resilience by design

Anthony Sinclair and Yee-Ping Pang investigate how organisations can learn to embrace resilience as a way to achieve

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WebHEALTH – Plogging for World Cleanup Day

Webhelpers across the world plogging for World Cleanup

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