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Brands can define their culture just by talking to customers

One of the more exciting aspects of customer service moving from phones and email to a wide variety of social […]

Webhelp Wins Four Awards in the 2017 BPeSA and CCMG Awards

Leading global customer experience and business process outsourcing expert Webhelp has been named the top operator in four categories at […]

Why data breaches are disastrous for retail brands

Over the past two years, retail has suffered more data breaches than any other industry. Security breaches are particularly troubling for […]

Voice-activated retail: what does it mean for you?

Conversational commerce is a rapidly emerging trend; one which is creating convenient voice-activated retail experiences mediated by tech companies. This week, Walmart announced […]

Retailers hope for a boost as Alipay is now accepted in the UK

Alipay is one of the leading mobile-based payment systems in China. It’s a part of the enormous Alibaba retail empire and […]

Leading business process outsourcer Webhelp officially unveils new site in Riga

RIGA, AUGUST 24, 2017. Leading global business process outsourcing and customer experience expert Webhelp, officially unveils a new site in […]

Should retailers fear AI or is it now essential?

For a long time, I have talked about artificial intelligence as an enabling tool that should help to improve the […]

What impact will AI have on the role of contact centre advisors?

There has been a huge focus on how technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will affect contact centres […]

Cloud Technology: Why you should be investing

_x000D_ In the wake of the Forbes Cloud 100, our Innovation Director Dave Pattman looks at cloud technology. Specifically, its […]

Will drones reduce delivery times from hours to minutes?

A few months ago Amazon began delivering orders by drone in the UK. Their drone experiment has moved a long […]

Is The Era of Working While Travelling Over?

 84% of people use electronic devices while travelling Just 9% of people use them to work  A recent consumer survey conducted […]

Customer Experience: Top Three Disruptive Innovation Trends

This week, Webhelp’s Innovation Director Dave Pattman headed to Germany to visit our site in Dortmund. This got him thinking […]

How banks can use cx to differentiate their service

The banking and financial services industry is changing faster than ever as a result of customer demands and market innovation. […]

Will work at home completely change how experienced people work?

Think about these three businesses or social changes that we are all observing today and see if you can guess […]

Facebook chatbots and the implications for CX

Facebook chatbots recently hit the headlines when engineers had to shut down an experiment where two AIs were talking to […]

Why Don’t More People Check-in Online for Flights?

The days of standing in a huge queue at an airline check-in desk to kick start your holiday or travel […]

Your brand is defined by the customer experience, not marketing campaigns

The analyst company Gartner has been publishing great advice on the customer experience for many years. I think their predictions […]

Who Will Win the Travel Agent v Technology Battle?

 Travellers Turn To People Power When Things Go Wrong 81% of people book travel online or via a mobile app […]

Five questions brands need to ask about digital cx

A fascinating feature by McKinsey recently listed five key areas where brands need to focus if they want to be customer […]

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