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Leveraging robotics in the retail customer experience

When most executives think about the role of robots in improving the customer experience they tend to think about Robotic […]

A retailer’s guide to driving modern customer experiences

What are the modern customer experiences expected by retail customers today and how do online customers differ from those using […]

How will AI change the role of the customer advisor?

Much has been written about the evolution of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and how these technologies will impact the […]

Why it’s crucial for retailers to understand in-store behavior

91% of retail activity still takes place inside stores, yet much of the attention on customer experience innovation has been […]

How bricks and mortar retailers can benefit from shoppers’ e-commerce habits

The relationship between bricks and mortar retailers in the High Street and online retailers has often been presented as adversarial […]

What are the upcoming technology trends in retail?

The rate of change in customer experience expectation appears to accelerate every year. A decade ago most customer service managers […]

Online Shopping Makes UK Consumers Happy

  98% said they were satisfied with their most recent purchase 94% said their customer experience was either good or […]

Why retailers must engage digitally

Shopping used to be simple. You drove your car to the shopping mall or town centre, parked, visited some shops, […]

Is there a growing gap between retailers and customers on fast shipping?

Do you remember when ordering something for delivery would almost always mean agreeing to wait a month for delivery? ‘Please […]

Speech Analytics: Improving the Customer Experience

This week’s #techenabler vlog. Chris Bryson, Global Analytics Director at Webhelp, discusses about the importance of speech analytics in customer […]

UK Shoppers Have Embraced the Online Revolution

Amazon is the site most shoppers purchased from last Clothing is the most popular online purchase 95% of Brits have […]

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