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Innovation Takes Centre Stage At The Arch Summit on 3-4 May

The Arch Summit is next week and the Webhelp team will be there in Luxembourg. It’s a two-day event that is […]

Is consistency the key to trust and loyalty in customers?

A satisfied customer is always a top priority and a goal for every company and brand. Continuously providing the highest […]

Sales and service need to merge to really offer a great CX

For a long time, I have been arguing that companies need to rethink their service, sales, and marketing process. These […]


Who are the UK’s favorite insurers? How does age, income and gender affect insurance purchasing decisions? Is customer experience an […]

Can an airport create a fantastic customer experience?

Airports are not often the first place you might think of for a great customer experience (CX). What with the […]

Artificial Intelligence: a new era of transformation for customer relations

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: A LEVER TO INCREASE HUMAN CAPITAL [PROSPECTIVE OUTLOOK] (Catherine Fauchoux – Global Innovation Research Manager)   As European market […]