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Building Trust & Safety Leveraging Both Humans And AI

A blend of human moderators and AI on the frontline is essential for a strong solution that can cope with the volume of online content that needs to be checked.

Should there be greater regulatory control of Generative AI solutions?

Many experts have called for a pause in the ongoing development of artificial intelligence (AI). They argue that we are […]

Conquering common challenges in the order-to-cash process

Getting your order-to-cash process flow chart right takes time — and is different for every business — but here are the main components.

What are the limitations to enterprise use of Generative AI solutions?

The considerations CX executives need to be aware of before deploying a Generative AI solution.

Driving Greater Adoption of HealthTech Innovation Within Healthcare systems like the NHS and Ensuring a Patient Centric Experience

The panellists at the 2023 LSX World Congress exchanged ideas on how to create patient-centric solutions and the best practices in using digital health technologies to help address the challenges and barriers that patients and clinicians in the NHS face.  

The Agency Model – What it really means for UK Automotive

By focusing on customer service, leveraging technology and data to connect the various touchpoints across the car buying journey, and forging strong partnerships between OEMs and dealers, the agency model has the potential to completely reshape the automotive industry.

Webhelp named a leader in IAOP’s 2023 Global Outsourcing 100

Our people are our most prized asset and we know that our ability to continuously grow the talent we have within our organization will continue to set us apart from the rest of our competitors. You can find out more about Webhelp’s commitments to its people and to fairness by taking a look at our website.

How might Generative AI solutions transform customer experience?

An AI revolution is arriving in customer service strategy, but the humans are not being replaced anytime soon.

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