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Why generative AI could be the key to unlocking travel tech’s true potential

The travel industry is potentially at the dawn of a new era in customer experience, powered by next-generation technology. In […]

How to win the battle to build customer loyalty in the travel market?

In our last blog on 2024 travel trends, we touched briefly on the battle for customer loyalty and its importance […]

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022
At Webhelp, Gender equality remains a key focus and through our executive led Diversity, Equity and Inclusion roadmap we are [...]
eBook: Reengineering insurance customer experience for profit and liquidity

Modernizing customer experience isn’t just about delighting customers — it’s about using journeys to speed up capital and reduce the cost of claims and support.

Mastering multilingual Customer Experience during global expansion: zero to fluent in 4 steps 

Delivering seamless, multilingual experiences is pretty challenging, especially when focusing on growth. Apply the right strategy so you can ensure your CX resonates wherever you choose to expand.

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