The Peruvian Association of Customer Experience (Apexo) has awarded Webhelp with the Best Customer Experience Operation award, which was presented on September 9th at the virtual gala of the 10th edition of the Apexo Experience Award 2021.

The award recognized Webhelp for having achieved significant results in customers’ perception of CX services. One of the strengths of the group’s success is based on the way it carries out processes by maintaining a key synergy between training, quality and operations teams to achieve results that exceed customer expectations.

In addition, the company demonstrated how it focuses its strategic efforts by remaining true to the pillars of its corporate culture. In addition to keeping the interests of customers at the center of every operation, Webhelp is a “people first” company where the aim is for every employee to have an unforgettable work experience that can be reflected in the end-user experience of customers by achieving a level of customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations.

Within the framework of the award for Best Customer Experience Operation, the innovation and continuous improvement processes around CX operations were also explained, with the incorporation of cutting-edge technology that allows optimizing performance, increasing the level of satisfaction and measuring results in an efficient way.

The recognition of Webhelp is part of the Apexo Experience Award 2021, which aims to reward the efforts of companies to improve and professionalize the business-customer relationship and promote the development of Peruvian companies through the recognition of best practices in administration, human capital, outsourcing operations, dissemination and social responsibility, technological innovation, collection strategy and customer experience.