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UK Consumer Duty: is this a win-win for financial services firms and customers?

Imagine being able to understand what frustrates your customers and fixing these for the next customers. That would not only deliver your Consumer Duty evidence but also, most importantly, solve your customer friction points, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction, retention, and brand advocacy.  

[Fashion] Choosing the right partners to grow your business in 2024, at a time when trust is fragile

Do you work in fashion? Do you go to Europe’s big showrooms in Paris, Milan, London or Munich? So do […]

[Marketplaces B2B] How to secure growth in 2024 with BNPL, credit insurance and customer relations

Successful marketplaces stand out for their capacity to reduce the risk of non-payment. Securing customer’s accounts is one of the […]

eIDAS 2.0 and Digital Identity: a revolution in KYC processes?

eIDAS 2.0 (Electronic Identification And trust Services) is the new regulation on electronic identification adopted by the European Parliament and […]

Concentrix + Webhelp lift 4 top awards at the 2023 UKCCF Awards!

Modernizing customer experience isn’t just about delighting customers — it’s about using journeys to speed up capital and reduce the cost of claims and support.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022
At Webhelp, Gender equality remains a key focus and through our executive led Diversity, Equity and Inclusion roadmap we are [...]
eBook: Reengineering insurance customer experience for profit and liquidity

Modernizing customer experience isn’t just about delighting customers — it’s about using journeys to speed up capital and reduce the cost of claims and support.

Mastering multilingual Customer Experience during global expansion: zero to fluent in 4 steps 

Delivering seamless, multilingual experiences is pretty challenging, especially when focusing on growth. Apply the right strategy so you can ensure your CX resonates wherever you choose to expand.

New economy organizations: 5 tips for adopting generative AI while scaling your customer experience

Generative AI presents a huge opportunity to narrow—and even prevent—the customer journey execution gap, addressing your customers’ immediate needs and demands while providing the satisfying experiences they have come to expect

The rise of insurance outsourcing: Why it matters

Legacy insurers, new economy companies, and other brands entering the insurance market need the deep expertise, efficiency, and scalability insurance outsourcers offer.

Insurance customer experience is changing: Here’s what you should know 

The ideal convenient, connected customer experience in insurance is getting harder to deliver — but it’s also an opportunity to reduce ops & claims costs.

4 Customer Experience risks (and best practices) when expanding to new markets 

When brands expand into new markets, inconsistent CX quality is often inevitable. Find out the best practices

eBook: Insurance’s big shift from digital transformation to rapid agility

After years of disappointments, insurers are thinking about digital transformation differently. They’re finding new paths that are faster, more cost effective & more agile.

Webhelp named a Global Leader in Everest Group’s CXM PEAK Matrix® 2023

Webhelp has been recognized as a Global Leader in Everest’s CXM PEAK Matrix. Download the report to find out why they ranked us so highly.

How to close the customer journey execution gap when scaling a business

Expand your business without compromising on top-notch customer experiences. Discover the opportunities for delivering game-changing customer journeys in our eBook.

Defining the Player Experience Gap – Why Gaming Companies Need to Level Up Player Engagement

The negative effects of inadequate player support can be detrimental to both players and gaming companies. Investing will help to ensure a positive player experience, foster player satisfaction, and build a strong and loyal player base.

KYC in insurance: getting the right balance between compliance and customer experience

Insurance providers need to make sure that they implement KYC processes that are both robust and offer the best possible customer experience.

Designing Customer Journeys For Better Business Outcomes

Customer journey mapping is critically important and can drive a transformation program to success by helping to understand exactly how customers are behaving.

How to avoid five big fails when building a Trust and Safety employee wellbeing program

In this article our Global Wellbeing Director, Kristaps Bekis, focuses on the five main fails we see organizations make when trying to manage their employees’ wellbeing. What are the biggest mistakes companies in the Trust & Safety industry make – and what can we learn from them?

How Will Generative AI Change Every Business in Every Industry?

AI offers a great opportunity to automate many different business processes. It will affect every company in every industry, but for the majority of human-centered processes, people are the most valuable asset your business can possess.

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