The data for targeting small and medium customers is damaging your B2B lead generation

Small and medium customers are getting lost in the data.

Flawed data is slowing your business to business sales success. In-house data is frequently out-of-date, duplicative and unusable in the face of new privacy laws.

And third-party data may be more accurate for quality B2B lead generation, but it’s too shallow to tell you when and how to target customers for your specific products.

Our new eBook shares a third option most companies haven’t considered—one that lets you keep the best of in-house and third-party data for a better B2B lead generation strategy.

Download our eBook to learn about a new data-led B2B sales strategy

  • How to build a data foundation that lets you break into new markets quickly
  • Why owned data beats third-party data—if you build in ongoing accuracy and optimization checks
  • How enriching customer profiles with weak data signals can help you find the right targeting moment and pitch

Selling to hyper-diverse small and medium enterprises requires fresh, accurate and proprietary data. But third-party vendor data has limits and most in-house data is deeply flawed. A new option changes the game.