Embrace the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to close the customer journey execution gap and drive better business outcomes

Do you really know what your customers think?

It’s clear the relevance of customer experience (CX) to overall brand perception is greater than ever. But while most retail brands recognize the importance of traditional brand and customer experience metrics in this context, it’s the more innovative retailers that truly listen to their customers and gather actionable insights from across their customer journeys.

In this eBook, we’ll tell you how you can level-up your brand and customer experience to keep up with the trends and customers’ expectations. Discover:

  1. What a retail Customer Journey Execution Gap looks like
  2. The merits and limitations of NPS and CSAT
  3. How to embrace Voice of the Customer to drive better business outcomes
  4. How Voice of the Customer can reshape your CX
  5. Success stories: Retail and travel

With the digital world moving so fast, it can be hard for retailers to keep up with the trends that are shaping customers’ expectations.”

Jack Stratten, Insider Trends, Retail Specialist