Electronic devices and computer games don’t make it into top 10 of gifts


With Christmas just days away, the majority of Brits are looking forward to time with friends and family this festive period, according to the latest consumer research from customer experience expert, Webhelp.

An online survey of 500 UK adults revealed that 89% of people are planning to spend time with family this Christmas. 54% said spending time with family was their favourite part of Christmas and 45% said they would travel over the festive period in order to see friends or family.

In terms of spending this year, more than three quarters (77%) of people are planning to spend the same or less on Christmas this year compared with last year and the same percentage (77%) will fund their Christmas spending through savings or their salary.

Despite the hype around big name electronic products and recent new launches, such as the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy 8, very few people are planning on spending this sort of money on gifts. The majority of those surveyed (54%) said they were planning to spend £500 or less this Christmas.

And shopping online came out as the preferred option, with 46% of people saying shopping online had taken a lot of the stress out of Christmas.

The top ten gifts people were planning to buy, or have already bought this year are:

  1. Chocolates                        –        58%
  2. Alcohol                              –        46%
  3. Books                                –        41%
  4. Beauty products                –        40%
  5. Perfume/aftershave           –        40%
  6. Home accessories             –        34%
  7. Fashion accessories          –        28%
  8. Gadgets                             –        24%
  9. Non-electronic toys/games-        23%
  10. Jewellery                            –        23%


David Turner, CEO of Webhelp UK, SA and India, said: “People in the UK are clearly planning a very traditional style Christmas this year, with spending time with friends and family topping the list of things people love about the festive period.

“Online shopping is seen as being beneficial to the Christmas experience, so this is a huge opportunity for online brands to get into the spirit and deliver Christmas cheer to their customers through fantastic customer experiences.”