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Why a robust talent strategy is so important during the Covid-19 era
SHAREGillian Campbell, Chief People Officer – Webhelp UK Region, discusses what makes an effective talent strategy, the core steps in [...]
WFH – Best practices of effectively managing a team – Part 2

One of the greatest misconceptions about managing a remote team is that it exclusively needs a new set of skills. […]

An inclusive approach to recruitment: A South African Perspective.

South Africa provides a vibrant, enthusiastic and highly skilled base for many of Webhelp’s clients who chose offshoring to deliver […]

WFH Best Practices – How to effectively manage a remote team

Currently most of us can relate to working remotely from different locations owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. A recent survey […]

Discover Webhelp’s Work Abroad Program

International mobility means opportunities even in the most challenging of times

Meet our Game Changers : Jay Fell

  Meet our Game Changers : Jay Fell Global Account Manager, UK. “Everything is possible if you have the drive, determination […]

Webhelp SA during the COVID crisis: Protecting our people

South Africa has experienced a unique set of challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. The impact has been felt across our […]