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UK Consumer Duty: is this a win-win for financial services firms and customers?

Imagine being able to understand what frustrates your customers and fixing these for the next customers. That would not only deliver your Consumer Duty evidence but also, most importantly, solve your customer friction points, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction, retention, and brand advocacy.  

[Fashion] Choosing the right partners to grow your business in 2024, at a time when trust is fragile

Do you work in fashion? Do you go to Europe’s big showrooms in Paris, Milan, London or Munich? So do […]

Get the insider’s view: key takeaways on the future for AI and tech in travel CX

Following on from our recent exclusive Digital Travel Dinner, we hosted a roundtable discussion in the UK featuring a hand-picked […]

eIDAS 2.0 and Digital Identity: a revolution in KYC processes?

eIDAS 2.0 (Electronic Identification And trust Services) is the new regulation on electronic identification adopted by the European Parliament and […]

Travel trends in 2024 – what’s on the horizon for the global travel industry?

As anyone who has ever booked a holiday knows, the art of a successful holiday often begins with planning ahead. […]

Player Experience: Trends & Developments

When attending Gamescom 2023, the world’s biggest games event in Cologne, Germany, Concentrix + Webhelp organized a Player Experience Executive […]

Why Marketplaces Are the Right Fit to Boost the Circular Economy

In this latest in our series on marketplaces, we’re looking at the catalyst that marketplaces have been in the circular […]

What Will the Eu’s New Digital Services Act Mean for Marketplace Operators?

Nearly a decade in the making and some 25 years since the last major piece of EU digital legislation, the […]

What Are The Trust And Safety Threats To A Marketplace – And What Can You Do About Them?

The risks and rewards of building trust into your platform have never been greater. The global projected market size of […]

Why Everest Group has recognized us as a Global Leader

We have been named a Global Leader in Everest Groups Global ‘PEAK Matrix®’. Download the report to find out what gave us this ranking.

Our Global Consumer Retail Trends Webinar: What Were The Key Takeaways?

Concentrix + Webhelp recently hosted a webinar on global consumer trends in retail and their impact on customer experience. We […]

The Rise (And Rise) of Marketplaces: 4 Key New Retail Trends to Watch Out For

The rapid emergence of online marketplaces is continuing to reshape the retail industry. In this article Christophe de Sahb, our […]

Webhelp named a Global Leader in Everest Group’s CXM PEAK Matrix® 2023

Webhelp has been recognized as a Global Leader in Everest’s CXM PEAK Matrix. Download the report to find out why they ranked us so highly.

gamescom 2023 – Recap & Lessons Learned

gamescom, the world’s biggest games event in Cologne, Germany, took place from August 23 to 27, attracting a stunning 320,000 […]

Reshaping Retail CX: AI, Blockchain, And New Tech For New Customer Experiences

Retail is on the precipice of a global paradigm shift powered by the accelerated capabilities of disruptive technology. The sheer […]

Reshaping Retail CX: Bridging The Gap With Generative AI

In case you haven’t heard, artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly evolved into a disruptive game-changer, transforming entire industries and reshaping […]

Bridging the Player Experience Gap – Part 3: An Outsourcing Guide for Gaming Companies

Player experience in the world of video games is no longer just about the game itself. It refers to the […]

Reshaping Retail CX: Blending In-Store With Digital for Superior Experiences

If customers could decide the future of retail, what would they choose? The convenience of online shopping? Or the tactile, […]

Mind The Gap: Bridging The Customer Journey Execution Gap in Retail

An intriguing trend is forcing retail businesses to rethink their approach to customer experience (CX): the customer journey execution gap. […]

What are the Digital Retail Trends Shaping Today’s Customer Expectations

Customers have higher expectations than ever for retailers – particularly online. An overwhelming 79%of consumers across 17 countries believe retailers […]

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