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The importance of Humanising your brand

Polly Ashdown, Marketing & Communications Director, looks at why behaving in a more human way is a vital part of […]

The Game-Changer Mindset

New business ideas that are channeled towards creating innovative products pop up every day, however, very few of them manage […]

Clients at the heart – they are kings!

Years of customer research show that if a company delivers a good or a service that is scantly “acceptable “sooner […]

Strive to be happy – it never goes out of style

For many decades now, happiness and work weren’t necessarily associated with each other. Work was a place where employees got […]

Creating champions through emotional connections – the advantage of being people-first

While the production equipment was considered to be the greatest asset of a company during the 20th century, the most […]

Whitepaper launch: Generations – Cohort views on CX and the workplace

Webhelp’s latest Disruptor Series Whitepaper, which highlights the impact of generational influences on CX. For the launch, Gillian Campbell, Chief People Officer UK […]

Generational future-proofing, with Anne Marie Forsyth, Chief Executive CCA Global

In preparation for the next chapter of our Disruptor Series, looking at the Generational factors within CX, Anne Marie Forsyth, […]

The rise of fake news, phoney profiles, data mining and the impact on trust in CX

In the age of online fakery, can brands still inspire trust and communicate with integrity? David Pattman, Managing Director CX Services […]

Customer Experience as a Competitive Differentiator

Can quality CX provide a significant commercial edge for business? Here Webhelp Chief Customer Solutions Officer, Helen Murray, provides insight […]

The creative process behind Webhelp’s fundraising ‘Oor Wullie’ sculpture

Webhelp is delighted to sponsor Scotland’s first-ever national public art trail which is raising vital funds for children in hospital’s […]

The future of Social Media Moderation

Chloé De Mont-Serrat, General Manager of Netino, Webhelp’s digital and Social Media entity, looks at the future of content moderation, […]

Customer service, generational expectations and the brand experience

In preparation for the next chapter of our Disruptor Series looking at the Generational factors within CX, Anne Marie Forsyth, […]

Are Focus Groups essential to developing CX?

In the age of digital screening, AI data collation and the transformation of the market research industry, is there a […]

How Gen Z will affect the Generation Game

As the Millennials move steadily into their 20s and 30s, their successor Generation Z is emerging as a global consumer […]

How Model Office combats ‘fear of failure’ and boosts innovation

Interview: Dave Rumble As a part of their strategic Partnership with Shop Direct, Webhelp UK launched a highly innovative approach […]

People not programs, will drive the new AI revolution

Artificial intelligence, combined with Automation, has an incredible ability to simplify and perform tasks like ordering, searching and reporting. But […]

Business transformation is key to surviving the retail apocalypse

Author: Sam Phin, Solutions Consultant, Webhelp The CX Exchange for Retail is the annual meeting place for the most senior […]

Exploring disruption and innovation at the EU Digital Travel Summit

Author: Ethel Graff, Account Director, Webhelp The Webhelp team returned from a very successful visit to the EU Digital Travel […]

Sales channel development in B2B

With revenue generation being a top priority for salespeople, companies do their best to account for the working hours their […]

Could personalisation be a game-changer for the travel industry?

Author: Helen Murray, Chief Customer Solutions Officer at Webhelp UK Here Helen Murray, Chief Customer Solutions Officer at Webhelp, reflects […]

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