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eBook: Content moderation & CX in the age of the metaverse

Enterprises have lost control of the B2B sales cycle

How outsourcing CX could unlock the four-day week
Dave Pattman, Customer Experience Managing Director for Gobeyond Partners, part of the Webhelp Group, discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by [...]
The ultimate guide to content moderation

The ultimate guide to content moderation Many of the very best things to be found online are user-generated. And so […]

The accelerating transformation in B2B sales eBook

Enterprises have lost control of the B2B sales cycle

The Metaverse: Let’s cut through the noise
In this 6-part blog series, we’re going to explore why everyone’s talking about the metaverse, and why it matters. Think [...]
Webhelp joins GBS World Marketplace as a Certified Service Provider

We’re delighted to announce that Webhelp is now a Certified Service Provider on the World Source Marketplace for Global Business Services.

Supporting the retail sector to create meaningful and valuable customer experiences
SHAREWebhelp’s Managing Director (Retail), Mark Guest, discusses  the current challenges faced by retail customer experience and operations leaders – and [...]
Fashion: What you need to know to export your brand to Scandinavia
SHAREThe fashion industry is one of the most vibrant and creative sectors in Europe. Many European fashion brands have managed [...]
Automation: a key element of the KYC strategy, and a necessary complement to human
SHAREFaced with increasingly demanding regulatory requirements and inspections, regulated institutions are required to apply the appropriate KYC (“Know Your Customer”) [...]
SHAREThe front end of the financial services sector is a bit like a glitzy stage show, with beautiful apps and [...]