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Target audience definition – who, what, why?

Thanks to the modern digitalisation, the amount of data produced every day is simply incredible. A recent study revealed that, […]

12 trends of CX for 2020

As the countdown to Christmas continues, David Turner CEO for Webhelp UK, India and South Africa, looks at 12 themes […]

How emotion can take customer satisfaction to the next level

Author: Helen Murray, Webhelp Chief Customer Solutions Officer Reflecting on the importance of humanising business and creating positive emotional connections, Helen […]

How Baby Boomers are impacting the workforce

In recent months, industry pundits and analysts have speculated on the impact of the younger generation as consumers and on […]

Service transformation through a human lens at The Future of Service conference

Author: Helen Murray, Webhelp Chief Customer Solutions Officer How do we find the right balance between people and technology? Here […]

Infographic: Customer journey in a nutshell!

The customer journey is usually described as the complete sum of experiences that customers travel through when interacting with a […]

Customer Experience (CX) made simple

Author: Ewan McKay, Marketing and Communications Manager, Webhelp CX, HX, customer journeys and touchpoints…. The contact centre industry is awash […]

How our people are key to growth in SA

Author: Brandon Aitken, Chief Commercial Officer South Africa and India As we near the end of another year, I have […]

Infographic: Customer views on AI and Automation

With driverless cars, chatbots, smart speakers, drones and data-phishing creating sensational headlines on a daily basis, forward thinking brands should […]

Travel Sector Trends for 2019

The media spotlight has been firmly on the travel industry in the past few weeks, with the demise of high […]

5 secrets to engage Gen Z as an employee

Author: Melanie Buckley, HEAD OF PEOPLE CORPORATE SERVICES UK, INDIA & SOUTH AFRICA Gen Z represents an untapped goldmine of […]

5 secrets to engage Gen Z as an employee

Gen Z represents an untapped goldmine of talent and innovation, but challengingly, they bring the job market a set of […]

Infographic: Spotlight on Gen Z behaviour & preferences

Much has been speculated about Gen Z, the new kids on the generational block. They are loosely categorised as people […]

The importance of Humanising your brand

Polly Ashdown, Marketing & Communications Director, looks at why behaving in a more human way is a vital part of […]

The Game-Changer Mindset

New business ideas that are channeled towards creating innovative products pop up every day, however, very few of them manage […]

Clients at the heart – they are kings!

Years of customer research show that if a company delivers a good or a service that is scantly “acceptable “sooner […]

Strive to be happy – it never goes out of style

For many decades now, happiness and work weren’t necessarily associated with each other. Work was a place where employees got […]

Creating champions through emotional connections – the advantage of being people-first

While the production equipment was considered to be the greatest asset of a company during the 20th century, the most […]

Whitepaper launch: Generations – Cohort views on CX and the workplace

Webhelp’s latest Disruptor Series Whitepaper, which highlights the impact of generational influences on CX. For the launch, Gillian Campbell, Chief People Officer UK […]

Generational future-proofing, with Anne Marie Forsyth, Chief Executive CCA Global

In preparation for the next chapter of our Disruptor Series, looking at the Generational factors within CX, Anne Marie Forsyth, […]

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