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Key takeaways: what we discussed in our recent Trust & Safety meet-up

We held our first Trust and Safety meet-up for European professionals recently in Concentrix + Webhelp’s Paris offices. Our array […]

Get the insider’s view: key takeaways on the future for AI and tech in travel CX

Following on from our recent exclusive Digital Travel Dinner, we hosted a roundtable discussion in the UK featuring a hand-picked […]

Why generative AI could be the key to unlocking travel tech’s true potential

The travel industry is potentially at the dawn of a new era in customer experience, powered by next-generation technology. In […]

How to win the battle to build customer loyalty in the travel market?

In our last blog on 2024 travel trends, we touched briefly on the battle for customer loyalty and its importance […]

Designing Customer Journeys For Better Business Outcomes

Customer journey mapping is critically important and can drive a transformation program to success by helping to understand exactly how customers are behaving.

Webhelp celebrates new state-of-the-art Larbert site at event with guests from local community

Webhelp has celebrated the state-of-the-art refurbishment of the Larbert site in Central Business Park by hosting an event attended by guests from across the local community.

A hat trick for Webhelp at the 2023 CCA Excellence Awards

Webhelp has picked up three awards at this year’s prestigious Contact Centre Association (CCA) Excellence Awards.

Webhelp and Think Human Foundation announce 2-year partnership with WorkingRite

This new partnership, designed to support 40 pupils across 3 East Ayrshire schools into jobs, apprenticeships or vocational college courses when they leave, was launched on the 21st April, in Kilmarnock.

Our 8th edition of OneShot magazine about Uncertainty is live, don’t miss it!

In the skies of the business world, clouds are gathering: pandemics, ecological crises, inflation, war. For policy makers, this climate […]

4 Solutions to the Communication Challenges of Technology Adoption in Healthcare
SHAREDespite significant advancements in technology adoption in healthcare, many providers in the sector are having difficulty embracing and realising the [...]
Frédéric Maus (WSN): “In the world of fashion, 2022 will be the key year to capitalise on B2B marketplaces and omni-channels”

Given the uncertainty in the event world today, it is difficult to predict whether B2B trade shows will be held in 2022. What is certain, however, is that digital trade shows and B2B marketplaces will bring new opportunities throughout the year. The 4 trends that will shape 2022 and advice from Frédéric Maus, Managing Director of WSN.

ECCCSA success for Webhelp

We’re very pleased to announce that Webhelp UK picked up three awards at last night’s European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA)

B2B – Buy Now Pay Later, a new payment standard: 4 ways to stand out

Now is the time! The opportunities offered by Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) appear to be massive for B2B. When offering their payment methods, platforms and marketplaces should choose to stand out from the rest, as recommended by Meriem Ouenniche, Client Solution Manager at Webhelp Payment Services.

Webhelp: Setting the agenda for BPO CX in Africa

Africa is a continent of near-limitless opportunity for a range of customer experience outsourcing services. Find out how Africa is setting the BPO agenda and how you can enter this market.

Fashion and ready-to-wear: 3 tips to help you make the most of the economic recovery

A quick analysis of the fashion and ready-to-wear market, plus 3 tips from Bertrand Mahon, VP Operation Logbox at Webhelp Payment Services, whose credit management network covers 35,000 shops and more than 400 brands. A unique economic vantage point.

[Fashion] – 4 tips to make payments easier and more secure in Europe and the US
SHARE For fashion brands, the European and United States markets are strategically very important. But there are some risks when [...]
CIFAS Initial Notification
SHAREGeneral We will check your details against the Cifas databases established for the purpose of allowing organisations to record and [...]
Webhelp SA PAIA Manual
‘The Nest’ by Webhelp expands across Europe
SHAREThe customer experience program offers a simple and scalable outsourcing proposition for fast-growing companies Oxford, March 24th, 2021 The leading [...]
Why fashion businesses need to move from channel-first to customer-first
SHARE For years, consumer brands have promoted omnichannel strategies as a ‘Holy Grail’ for attracting and retaining customers. Many believe [...]

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