In my previous blog post, I spoke about the emotional advantage the South African workforce offers to offshore operations. In this post I’d like to discuss the value and compliance aspects of outsourcing to South Africa. With a workforce that is culturally aligned, engaged and emotionally connected, South Africa provides the perfect platform on which to build value from compliant interactions.

Compliant interactions can be defined as those exchanges with customers that deliver the value an organisation seeks. This value could lie in customer experience metrics, first time resolution rates or cost efficiency. Those interactions that don’t deliver against business objectives can be categorised as non-compliant, which often do more than add no value. They have the potential to detract from the value added by compliant interactions. By adopting a focus on compliant transactions, the dynamic of your offshore decision making changes dramatically. On comparing the cost per compliant interaction, we found South Africa to be 12.5% lower than offshoring locations in Asia, lowering true cost and making South Africa’s value return significantly higher.

This focus on compliant interaction is what sets some organisations apart from others. This results in an uncompromising focus on quality, delivering on business objectives and putting the customer at the heart of all contact. The ability to measure interaction compliance with accuracy becomes particularly important in an outsourced relationship. A simple and straightforward contracting model based on payment per compliant interaction is what works best in this scenario.

This approach demands maturity from both client and outsourced solution provider, and we’ve witnessed dramatic improvements in business performance based on our work with clients on exactly this payment model, without compromise.