Webhelp head of strategic insight Jim Findlay will present a webinar at 2pm on 26 November which examines the process of customer journey mapping and the benefits that it can bring both to the business and to the customer experience.

Jim will discuss how to

  • use contact profiling to identify the value of your contact types to your customer and business.
  • control and channel your demand
  • apply these techniques to drive improvements in customer experience, tenure and value through efficient, analytical based customer contact management

We will also examine how Webhelp applied mapping and demand control to understand customer behaviour; and delivered real improvements in contact volume, tenure and NPS with a telco client using the following processes:

  • eliminating unnecessary contacts with no value for customers and the business
  • reduce customer re-contacts, transfers, channel thrash and restarts
  • maximise value and customer experience from the contacts you do receive

If you feel that your customers’ journeys may be taking place in channels that don’t suit you or your customers, this webinar will help you to identify where issues lie, deliver an improved customer experience and increase your revenue.

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