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Customer expectations for Web 3.0 are sky-high

The emerging metaverse signifies a major shift in how consumers spend time and money. The next wave of disruption spells opportunity for both high-tech and traditional brands, but there’s a catch: consumers expect ultra-intuitive experiences.

And they’ll need to feel safe and comfortable before they’ll commit to entering this up-close-and-personal environment.

That’s a tough proposition—the metaverse will mean moderating more content when brands are already struggling to manage the current volume. And it will usher in a whole new kind of content that’s exponentially more complex to moderate.

But getting trust, safety and other CX issues right in the early stages will earn brands an outsized share of mindshare and profit.

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  • The size of the metaverse opportunity and how brands will profit
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  • How the role of content moderation will change in Web 3.0
  • The different trust & safety needs of content creators and users
  • How building trust & safety credibility helps brands move from early adoption to mass-market profitability

It’s almost impossible to imagine how much—and how quickly—the metaverse will change our lives and economies. It has vast potential to disrupt existing digital monopolies, contribute huge revenue to economies, and help companies test new ideas. Success will hinge on creating a smooth, positive and fraud-free experience for creators and users.