Webhelp UK welcomed Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mark Tittley (pictured with Director of Service Clive Martison), and Deputy Mayoress, Mrs Jill Tittley, to its Derby site on Friday 9 October for ‘Advisor Day’, which seeks to recognise and celebrate the commitment of its global team of customer experience professionals.

Throughout the day, employees at Pride Park were invited to the fun-filled event where the team as a whole were praised by senior management for their ongoing dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experience for a range of clients, including EE and Sky.

Councillor Mark Tittley and his wife were on hand to meet and greet all the team members and to show their support for the thriving business which employs so many local people. Entertainment and refreshments were provided and thank you cards were gifted to those excelling in their role.

David Turner, CEO at Webhelp UK, has acknowledged another exceptional year for Derby and attributes this success to the dedication of the whole team.

He also believes it is vitally important to recognise hard work and provide a spotlight to company talent – and was thankful for Mr and Mrs Tittley’s attendance.

David said: “People are at the heart of what we do, so much so that we feel it is important to take the time to recognise those who are instrumental in pushing the business forward and to encourage them to keep on delivering such a high calibre of work.

“Advisor Day which celebrates the hard work of our people worldwide is a great opportunity for those at Derby to take the time to meet up in a relaxed atmosphere and share their successes. Thanks to the ongoing commitment from our advisors we have been able to achieve sustained growth.

“We’d also like to thank Councillor Mark Tittley and Mrs Jill Tittley for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with our team members and spend the afternoon with us at the Derby site.”