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(and a European Leader for the third year in a row)

Some of the most dynamic, exciting companies in the world rely on the expertise and insight of leading industry analyst, Everest Group. So we’re obviously delighted to have been awarded the highest ranking of Global Leader within the first-ever Global ‘PEAK Matrix®’ CX benchmarking. Read on to find out why Everest Group ranked us so highly, and why it’s good news for our client partners and their customers.

Webhelp has been recognized as a Global Leader in Everest Group’s first ever Global PEAK Matrix. In Everest Group’s annual CXM benchmarking assessment, Webhelp was also recognized across the following categories: a European Leader (for the third year in a row, consolidating a long-held market leadership position in Europe*), and a Star Performer in both the Americas and APAC regions. This fantastic overall result is our highest overall ranking yet.

For this new, global edition of its benchmarking report, Everest Group selected 59 global and regional organizations to evaluate and compare. Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix provides an objective, data-driven assessment of tech and tech services providers, analyzed against seven different criteria: market success, vision and strategy, service focus and capabilities, digital and technological solutions, domain investments, buyer feedback, and value delivered.

We are delighted to report that we scored very highly for both ‘value delivered’, and ‘vision & strategy’.

Everest Group defines ‘Leaders’ as “companies that deliver consistent Customer Experience Management (CXM) Services through expansion in new regions, serving various buyer sizes, delivering high satisfaction scores due to greater technological and advanced digital capabilities, and supporting employees through wellbeing initiatives and remote working models.”

The report recognizes our strength in the retail and tech industry verticals and our investments in consulting, Webhelp Anywhere, and The Nest. Everest Group’s report includes buyer feedback to its team that praised our adaptability, cultural alignment, and proactiveness, all of which stood out as key attributes from their engagements with Webhelp.

It also praises our WoW operating system as ‘a comprehensive talent management framework that includes Wow Talent, an integrated approach to sourcing, developing and retaining talent’.

You can download Everest Group’s report in full from here. But for now let’s look at some of the areas the industry analyst recognized in awarding us our global ranking, and how they translate into benefits for our clients.

The first is our ambition to offer boundary-less customer experience. We know that one size doesn’t fit all. It’s why we leverage our entire portfolio of brands, including Gobeyond Partners, with its consulting focus on business transformation and The Nest, offering a one-stop shop approach that is dedicated to start-ups.

Across our portfolio we can offer everything from customer experience strategy and design to digital & cloud engineering. From data and analytics to AI and automation. We have also built a suite of proprietary digital apps, GoApps, which use AI and digital technology to enhance operations and user experience and include GoConnect, GoAutomate, GoBoost, and GoLearn.

It’s this broad-but-deep combination of options that gives us our global reach, delivered with a local touch. It’s one that creates a better, stronger business for a diverse portfolio of clients.

Across that network we can offer enhanced consulting capabilities that include leadership development, behavioral science, service operations, and transformation. We also offer strengthened digital IT services, including improved machine translation and generative AI solutions.

All of this is supported by our Customer Experience consultants, as well as an expanded ecosystem of leading technology partnerships that bring cutting-edge innovations to our clients.

Our innovations include investments like the one we made in Gobeyond to create the Nudge practice, leveraging behavioral science through the COGNITION framework for influencing customer behaviors.

All of this and more led to Everest Group benchmarking Webhelp with one of the top grades for the categories of Proactiveness and Ease of doing business. In the report, our clients commended us for our scale of operations, pricing model flexibility, and ease of doing business.

Find out how easy we are to do business with yourself. Download the Everest report to discover more, or get in touch with Webhelp and find out what makes us a global leader.

Download the 2023 Everest report

*In 2019, 2020 was a Leader in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix combined benchmarking report, and subsequently a European Leader in 2021 and 2022 when Everest Group PEAK Matrix assessed the EMEA, APAC, and Americas regions separately.