Is it difficult and expensive to find a flat in the city?

We are fully committed to supporting you in this process. That is why we provide you with your own room in a flat rented by us that you will share with other colleagues, expats just like you. Your accommodation and extra costs related (utilities) are covered by Webhelp Romania during the entire period of your contract with us.
Likewise, we’ll offer more comprehensive information if you choose to rent separately. Finding modern studios and large apartments in Bucharest is very easy since we have a real estate industry that is favourable to both buyers and tenants.
Even in the city centre, which is the financial hub of the country, you can rent a luxury studio for about 450-600 euros/month. If you prefer the south-east neighbourhoods, popular with young people due to large parks and proximity to nightlife options, a modern studio will set you back just 300-350 euros/month.
Real estate agencies are an option. However, most locals choose to sign a contract directly with the landlord as it’s fast, easy and reliable. In most cases, tenants only need to pay a 2-month deposit before moving in, but even this can be negotiated with the landlord.