Is it difficult and expensive to find a flat in the city?

We are fully committed to supporting you in this process. That is why we cover your accommodation in a hotel or Airbnb for the first 2 weeks as well as the flight ticket from your country to Greece.
Finding a nice place to live in Athens doesn’t take long and it is affordable by European standards. A 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre is just €350-400/month and sharing a 2-bedroom flat will set you back €250-300/month.
We recommend you share a flat in the beginning because you can put some money aside. Likewise, you will meet interesting people and enjoy an authentic experience. Keep in mind that normally you must pay a deposit and a 1- or 2-month advance when you rent a studio or a flat.
Athens is a vibrant but geographically small capital in comparison with cities like Berlin, Paris or Madrid. So, if you prefer to live 20-30 minutes away from the hustle and bustle, you can have your own modern studio outside the city centre for just €250-350/month.
At your request, we can provide you with assistance and more information when searching for housing in Athens.