What about the healthcare system? Who will pay if I need to go to the doctor or hospital?

Portugal’s state healthcare has undergone a strong reform within the past few years, resulting in an improved system that is now ranked among the best in Europe. For long-term residents (under 18 and over 65) and taxpaying employees (both nationals and foreigners), public healthcare is provided for free.
You will need to apply for your medical card and register with a General Practitioner for primary healthcare. When necessary, your practitioner will direct you to a specialist. Some consultations, essential medicine and most procedures are free, but dental care is not covered by the public health system. Treatments, specialists and equipment are at the highest standards, but waiting times can be long in the public system.
At Webhelp Portugal, private health insurance is part of your benefits package after 6 months in the company. You will have access to private hospitals and clinics, as well as enjoy the advantage of faster appointment times and better facilities. In private centres from large cities, most medical professionals speak good English and even French or Spanish.