What are the 5 best things to do, see or experience in your city?

Ready for another short listicle? Here we go:

1. San Francisco meets Rio De Janeiro in Lisbon. The meandering hills, the stunning architectural styles, the charming trams, The 25 de Abril Bridge and the statue of Christ the King make you feel like you experience three cities in one.

2. Beach culture. The Atlantic vibe is slightly different than the Mediterranean one. Even the landscapes look more exotic. Here you can enjoy some of the best scuba diving, swimming and surfing on the old continent.

3. The urban culture. Lisbon has become one of the world’s capitals for urban art. Just by walking in the city, you will discover an authentic open-air museum of impressive wall designs created by well-known artists.

4. Music scene. Concerts by international musicians and some of the best festivals in the world are hosted in Lisbon. But you also need to experience our authentic heart-melting fado music in traditional neighbourhoods to get a truly immersive experience.

5. Food scene. Savour everything – fresh seafood, our world-famous pastel de nata in tascas (taverns), delicacies in Michelin-starred restaurants and fusion dishes.