What is the company culture like at Webhelp?

Our company culture is in continuous evolution! We love our diversity above all, and everyone is welcome as they are – that is our mindset! Here in Greece, we’re dynamic, fun and we find reasons to enjoy every day.
We frequently organize internal and external events both virtual and physical to allow existing and future employees to socialize. As there are many nationalities within the company, you’ll have the chance to learn fun trivia or interesting aspects about new cultures.
Greek people are also very friendly towards tourists and new residents. So, don’t be surprised if a local colleague would like to show you around the city or tip you off on the best places to eat in Athensy, which few people know about.
But an active social life is not all. We also treat you with a free gym area, Pilates and yoga classes plus massage sessions. Socializing events are organized both at the office and in cafeterias or bars in the city centre. Our expat colleagues keep spreading the word – living in Athens feels like being on holiday every day. And you never know… you might even end up being an influencer as well. Just have a look at #WebhelpsGotTalent on Instagram!