What is the working time at Webhelp? How many paid holidays do I have?

If you contemplate moving to Romania, we know that you dream of majestic mountains and medieval castles. Add in some yummy traditional meals, homemade brandy and legendary parties – and it’s clear you’re here to have the time of your life!
During your full-time employment at Webhelp Romania, you will work 40 hours a week. Paid annual leave is 21 days and you will also enjoy bank holidays or substitute days off. This gives you plenty of time to visit any castle, explore rich wildlife, discover enchanted Carpathian landscapes or celebrate with us our unique vibrant national holidays.
Want to hear even better news when it comes to your days off? Most main attractions, including the famous Dracula (Bran) Castle, ski resorts or Black Sea beaches, are just a short 3-hour drive from Bucharest.
We do our best to ensure a work-life balance for all our colleagues, whether they are parents, students or expats like you who want to experience the city life to the fullest.