At Webhelp, Gender equality remains a key focus and through our executive led Diversity, Equity and Inclusion roadmap we are working to create a more diverse workforce by bringing strong representation of society into our workplace. As our business continues to grow, we want to ensure each Webhelper is comfortable being themselves, is respected, and can see how they will be successful at growing and developing their careers within Webhelp.
Our Webhelp gender pay report helps us identify,
understand and address the reasons behind the numbers and in doing so reaffirms our ongoing commitment to being inclusive, fair and progressive in our approach to recruitment, development of our people and retention of
our talent.
The values of Webhelp are integrity, recognition, unity, commitment and WOW. These values, along with our cultural pillars of being a people first company powered by passionate game changers are built into the fabric of our organisation and guide our global business on our journey towards gender equality.
Although equal pay and gender pay gap are often confused, they represent different metrics. Equal pay is defined as paying males and females equally for work of equal value. A gender pay gap is the difference in average pay between males and females across all roles in the organization.
Webhelp have long been committed to equal pay and closing the Gender Pay Gap within our organization and we are pleased to now present our 2022 Gender Pay Gap report.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022