GoExcellent certifies Nordic assignment in the COPC OSP Standard*

2015-09-11 STOCKHOLM

GoExcellent has achieved compliance for a Nordic assignment COPC OSP Standard*, Release 5.2, and is now certified.

– “We started up this assignment for one of our global clients just months ago, and we are very happy to have achieved compliance in such a short period of time, and on a Nordic level, says GoExcellent’s CEO Terje Andreassen. This certification is a further proof that GoExcellent is a Nordic player capable of delivering world class customer experience.”

* The COPC OSP Standard is a performance management system designed to meet client needs, sales, business development, and managing client relationships and improve process-, quality- and people management for an Outsourced Service Provider.
• For selected programs GoExcellent has been certified since 2005, being the first contact center in the Nordics within this framework.
• In 2012 GoExcellent were the first contact center in the world to achieve compliance to release 5.0 of the COPC standard.
• Currently GoExcellent has on-going recertifications for previously certified assignments
About GoExcellent

GoExcellent Group specializes in running Contact Centers in the Nordics. With more than 20 million customer interactions per year, annual revenue of 80 MEUR, 9 locations and 2000 employees, GoExcellent has become one of the largest vendors in the Nordic Region. Among the clients are Canal Digital, Fortum, RiksTV, and Samhall. Head office is in Stockholm, GoExcellent’s contact centers are in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, and six other places in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

For more information, please contact:
Terje Andreassen, CEO
+46 70 226 42 85