In the current digital era, information security risks are becoming more and more prevalent across the globe, impacting business strategies, visions and objectives, and in extreme cases an organisations survivability. Webhelp takes information security very seriously and takes the treating of risk as a priority.

At Webhelp we acknowledge and understand our responsibilities to ensure the safe guardianship of any information entrusted to us whether, client, supplier or other stakeholders. Failing to protect such information could potentially harm individuals’ rights, negatively impact our clients and/or Webhelp’s reputation and brand, whilst also potentially leading to regulatory sanctions and financial penalties or other forms of liabilities and losses.

The Webhelp Global Information Security Policy has been developed to ensure a robust, effective, and continuously improving Information Security Management System (ISMS) and is maintained globally by all business units, all regions, and all entities that comprise Webhelp and its related businesses. For the purpose of this document, Webhelp shall mean (i) Webhelp SAS(ii) all Affiliates(iii) wholly owned subsidiaries of Webhelp SAS.

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