Sky TV News presenter Kay Burley paid a surprise visit to Webhelp’s offices in Falkirk last week to thank the team for the work they’ve done to support the launch of Sky Mobile.

Kay Burley in Falkirk 4

Following several years of working with Sky, Webhelp’s Falkirk site was announced in mid-2016 as the site chosen to support the broadcaster with the launch of its flagship new product, Sky Mobile.

Kay Burley in Falkirk 3

Laura Johnston, Sky’s head of service operations in Falkirk said: “The launch of Sky Mobile has been a big success and we wanted to bring Kay Burley up today to thank the team for the excellent work they have done so far.”

Kay Burley in Falkirk 2

Anton Manley, UK chief operating officer at Webhelp said: “It was such a thrill for our people to have Kay Burley come in and thank them personally for the work they’ve been doing for Sky. We have great people who work hard to deliver the best customer experience for our clients and it is so great to see their efforts being rewarded in this way.”