Webhelp are delighted to be a part of Oor Wullie’s Big Bucket Trail 2019, Scotland’s first ever national public art trail. The purpose of the event is to raise vital funds for children in hospital across Scotland.

There are over 200 unique Oor Wullie sculptures on display in five host cities from the 17th June – 30th August, including over 50 in Glasgow.

The person sized sculptures modelled after Scotland’s most famous comic strip character can be spotted across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Inverness and Aberdeen and some will even appear in Perth and Stirling. Our sculpture, inspired by another celebrated Scot, Charles Rennie Macintosh, can be found in George Square in Glasgow #OorCharles.

As proud sponsors of the event we are celebrating Wean’s Week with the help of Saint Timothy Primary School.

The main trail features life-size sculptures spread over the streets of Scotland, but there is a mini trail with little sculptures painted by local schools and placed in community locations. We gifted our wee Oor Wullie to Saint Timothy Primary school, the children were overjoyed to take part in this exciting opportunity to design and paint an Oor Wullie statue. The children did not struggle to establish a theme and came up with several designs.

P5a Class Teacher Isabella Montgomery said:

“The most popular designs were Glasgow and Scotland themed which inspired us to use the Glasgow Coat of Arms for our theme, P5A also chose the name ‘Oor Timmy’ to represent our school family and reflect our Gospel based values.”

Webhelp are thrilled with ‘Oor Timmy,’ to show our appreciation we invited the ‘wean’s’ to The Forge shopping centre to view the masterpiece. All the highlights from the day can be found here.

By taking part in this wonderful event we’re supporting Scotland’s children’s hospital charities to help give young patients and their families the exceptional care they deserve.

Chief Client Officer Anton Manley said:

“I’ve been blown away in terms of the reaction we’ve seen, there’s a huge energy and enthusiasm. Clearly the character of Oor Wullie is still well-known and synonymous in Scotland with being a cheeky chappy and it puts a smile on everyone’s face, so it’s great to see that positivity.”

This summer we encourage everyone to take part in Oor Wullie’s Big Bucket Trail, let’s see how many Oor Wullie’s you can find.