90% of data in the world today was created in the past four years. Companies have now a great opportunity to listen to the conversations happening on social media to improve their understanding of the voice of the customer and make a difference on their market.

Listening is the first step for companies to take on social media and even though Social Media is already a big part of most brands’ strategy, marketers often struggle to find the time to lead from scratch an efficient and wholesome social listening approach. It can be perceived as time-consuming, especially at the beginning and because of the massive amount of data, can be quite confusing as well, and end up being a frustrating process.

Here are 6 reasons why you should rely on an expert for support during this first step of social listening.

  1. Time – Hiring an expert agency will allow companies to have results on their table, and valuable time can be dedicated to planning an objective-focused strategy.
  2. Expertise – Outsourced social media agencies generally have years of experience working with market-leading brands. This experience allows these agencies to build highly skilled and competent teams of agents, analysts and supervisors to manage the social media strategy you create. Another value add is the insight an expert team of analysts can bring to the table – the knowledge you need to really know your social media customers.
  3. Cost – Needless to say, it’s cheaper to bring in a team of experienced social experts to manage your social media contact strategy, rather than building and developing the same team in-house. Several outsourced social media agencies offer a variety of packages in multiple languages that can be tailored to specific needs.
  4. Objectivity – An unbiased approach to social media listening is key in determining success of your social strategy. How is your social contact strategy doing, where do you stand in relation to your competitors and what are customer really saying about you – these harsh but important questions are best answered by an objective third party.
  5. Tools – There isn’t a lack of social media listening and monitoring tools out there, but a social agency will be essential in helping you chose which one is best suited to your needs. Channel and CRM integration, noise filtering, firehose / decahose – if this doesn’t ring a bell it’s time to speak to our social media agency.
  6. Use – Finally, if you’re invested in your social media contact strategy, you’re more likely to take it seriously. This is most likely to be the case for companies embarking on a serious social media customer contact program. Bring in the experts and you will make the most of it.

We’ve also created a handy infographic on this subject. Click here to view it.

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