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Smart Interaction

For 8 years now, Webhelp has been equipped with an omnichannel distribution solution. We have developed this solution in two approaches:
– The contact automation approach to inform/stimulate a prospect or customer base to react
– The feedback management approach to collect customer feedback
This solution is 100% customisable and puts the processing of your data at the heart of its operation.
Depending on your data and your objectives, we will be able to identify the pain points and areas for improvement in your customer journey in order to offer you the best scenarios to meet your needs.
After this phase, which is essential to the implementation of a Smart Interaction project, we will work with you to define various elements such as the flow exchange mode, the choice of channels, the level of personalisation and interactivity offered to your customers, the alert rules, and the data restitution format (real-time online dashboard).
Within the Webhelp group, we conduct various campaigns such as: measuring customer satisfaction, handling customer dissatisfaction, increasing the recovery rate or the sales rate, generating inbound calls, promoting offers/products, enriching the database or limiting the number of inbound requests with low added value.
Smart Interaction is the Webhelp Group’s proprietary omnichannel broadcasting solution that allows you to optimise your customer journey by combining data, digital and human elements.

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