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Cloud gamingchallengesWith the move to cloud gaming, you need to rely on agile & hyper-reactive support for a large variety [...]
Travel & Leisure Test
Flexible & ResilientWe live in a digital world that is striving to be conscious, more sustainable, and purposeful: the leisure [...]
Au cœur du dilemme environnement & pouvoir d'achatLe secteur de l’énergie est en 1ère ligne d’une société de plus en [...]
Travel & Leisure
Crisis ManagementIn recent years the Travel and Leisure market has been hit hard by several unexpected global events. 2020’s global [...]
5G andAdvancingTechnologiesFor the telecom sector the rate of change shows no sign of slowing down. Moving to 5G networks and [...]
Utilities & Public Services
Sustainabilityand the EnvironmentPeople are more environmentally aware, especially about their energy use and public services. Showing you are committed to [...]
Retail & Ecommerce
Augmented andvirtual realityThe Integration of innovative tools like augmented and virtual reality creates a new digital experience for the customer. [...]
High Tech & Media
Market DisruptionThe pace of innovation and the speed at which business models are being reinvented is ever increasing. Driven by [...]
Low treatmentadherencePoor adherence to treatments has been associated with an increase number of patients with multi-chronic diseases. These parallels have [...]
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