A major contributor of Snapchat‘s appeal and meteoric rise among teens, was that their parents weren’t on it. Facebook was starting to look “old”. And guess what. The same is happening on Snapchat. Older audiences are flocking to the app.
Yup. Your parents are discovering Snapchat too.
A new report from ComScore shows that the number of over-35s on Snapchat are increasing. In fact, they have increased to 14% of U.S. smartphone users 35 and above – an increase of 12% in just over 3 years. The second strongest audience on the app – older millennials – currently the 25-34 age group have increased 5% in the same time. That’s 38% of U.S. smartphone users. 69% of 18-24-year-olds currently use Snapchat. That’s an increase of 24% in three years!

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