Four years ago, Carla Sénéchal and Margot Boch didn’t know each other, but they both had the same dream, that they would one day take part in the Olympic Games. One wanted to break into gymnastics, the other wanted to succeed as an athlete, but it was finally in bobsleigh that the two women from Savoie made their dream a reality by going to Beijing.

Bob Team Boch got in touch with Webhelp Payment Services in 2018, to present its projects and to ask for financial support, and since then the company has sponsored this French women’s bobsleigh duo, made up of Margot Boch (pilot) and Carla Sénéchal (pusher).

The Birth of Bob Team Boch

It’s something of a tradition in the Boch family; Margot’s grandfather and father were both bobsleigh pilots.

Margot started with tobogganing, before training for bobsleigh, and, in 2018, she decided to create a bobsleigh team and contact athletics coaches to find a pusher. One name came out, Carla Sénéchal.

 “It was really an opportunity I had to seize and I didn’t hesitate for a moment.” – Carla Sénéchal

Carla had been competing in athletics for 16 years and, for a long time, had been planning to go into this winter sport, as do many sprinters.

A real partnerships has developed between the two young women, which accounts for the strength of this duo today. The results speak for themselves: during the most recent 2021/2022 season, Bob Team Boch won the silver medal at the European Cup inInnsbruck, while last season it won gold at the Junior World Championships in Saint Moritz and silver at the European Championships in Winterberg.

Today, Margot competes in monobob and two-woman bobsleigh, and excels in both disciplines. On 7 January, this Savoie native won a gold medal in monobob at the European Cup in Innsbruck, Austria.

Top speeds of up to 150 km/h

You need a strong stomach to practise bobsleigh, which can reach up to 150 km/h on an icy track a kilometre and a half in length. In addition, you must be benough to handle this 200 kg unit while controlling the thrust and the piloting and preparation of the equipment. Not for nothing is this sport is often compared to Formula 1, and that’s what Margot and Carla like about the sport – adrenaline and speed.

The first French women’s bobsleigh team at the Olympics

For the first time, the French Ice Sports Federation has sent a women’s team to represent the country in the two-woman bob events at the Olympic Games.

Thanks to their can-do, never-say-die attitude, these two women from Savoie were not put off by initial difficulties, and in particular the financing that needed to be found, because this discipline doesn’t come cheap. To be able to practise their sport and then fly to Beijing, they relied on the help from the Federation and from the Club de la Plagne which has supported them throughout, and called on local companies, including Webhelp Payment Services which has operated in Savoie since 1984; at the same time, they launched a funding call on Instagram.
Just so you know, a bobsleigh season costs between EUR 80,000 and 100,000.

“It was a little girl’s dream to go to the Olympics one day” – Margot Boch

How do we sum up their achievement in one word? ”Wow!” A shared adventure and unforgettable encounters. Thanks to their experience at the Olympic Games, they hope to encourage all young people who dream of getting into this winter sport. Although Margot and Carla have achieved their goal of competing in the 2022 Olympic Games, they aren’t stopping there! The next step is to win a medal at the 2026 Olympic Games in Italy.

To follow their adventures leading up to the next international sports competition, go to their Instagram account @bobteamboch