For many decades now, happiness and work weren’t necessarily associated with each other. Work was a place where employees got in, got the job done and clocked out. Happiness was perceived as a thing for your free time. However, years of research prove that happy employees are central to a company’s success. The work output improves when happiness is the norm.

Workplace attitudes affect every person in the organization, from the management to employees and even to the clients. Attitudes plays an important role of enhancing the prevailing workplace environment which determines employee morale, performance and team building abilities.

When your place of work is all about promoting a positive culture and environment, coming to work every day is embraced with pure joy.

A research conducted with  iOpener Institute found out that;

  • Happy employees stay four times longer with their companies
  • Happy employees dedicate twice as much time on their tasks in comparison to those that aren’t happy.
  • Happy team members are 65% more energetic than unhappy employees.

Suffice to say, happiness isn’t just a bonus, it is as a matter of fact a necessity for any high-functioning organization. International leadership advisor and author Annie Mckee states that,

“when we are unhappy, our brains tend to disengage, effectively decreasing our capacity for creativity, critical thinking and a wide range of other core functions.”

So what are the benefits of happiness at work?

The contagious effect

Isn’t it fun to work with fellow happy colleagues? We can all agree that happiness is indeed contagious. Taking joy in your work makes you an excellent role model to fellow colleagues as this encourages them to have fun at work.

Moreover, brands are looking to create the best, positive experiences for their clients. Helping others could just be the secret to living a happier, healthier and wealthier life.

When happiness is your business model, a great company culture is created which strengthens your brand and fuels a purpose that underpins all internal interactions with employees as well as external touch points with clients.

Creating a purposeful company with delighted customers and an engaged team forms deeper human connections owing to the authenticity from a human level and not a commercial point. Keeping your customers happy is central to retaining their trust and loyalty.

The right attitude

Having a happy attitude at work increases your self-confidence and cultivates greater performance by increasing productivity and a nice environment to work in not only for you as an employee but for the entire organization.

The supportive climate

Having a positive outlook and full engagement makes you more willing to support fellow workers and also enhances positivity around all other projects. When you are happy, you automatically become approachable and any employee who struggles with something is more likely to ask for support if it is needed.

The stress reduction

Despite our daily challenges at work and in our private lives, it is important to try and remain calm and concentrated while at work. Stressed-out employees are distracted employees.  And this normally puts a dumper on the productivity. Happiness keeps tension at bay. Making the effort to be happy even during such times, reduces stress and worry which leads to an instant productivity boost.

At Webhelp, our business is built on our core values, integrity, commitment unity, and recognition, all building the WOW effect together. Fostering a workplace that is creative and fun, we support our colleagues in their journey of reaching their full potential.

Ultimately, we celebrate our wins together no matter how big or small they are. This showcases our passion and also reinforces our connection with our fellow colleagues and the clients at large. That’s why at Webhelp we strive to enjoy every day.