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Enterprises have lost control of their B2B sales strategy

The linear business to business sales funnel is dead. Most of the new buying journey takes place in the digital sphere—and it requires data to target, message and influence the right buyers when it matters. But data-led marketing and sales hasn’t delivered on its promise as lightning-fast changes and new regulations prevent even top organizations from mastering the new era B2B lead generation.

Today’s B2B buyer is more informed, more powerful and more impatient with old-school selling. The new era is all about buyer participation, hyper-relevance and non-linear journeys. Bridging the divide between old and new requires more than incremental change: it’s an upending of mindsets, processes and roles.

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  • How to find the right buyers and nurture relationships at scale
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  • The changing nature of the SDR role
  • Why incremental change in sales and marketing operations isn’t delivering real results
  • A new way of approaching data that overcomes the limitations of in-house and third-party data